Levels – Tilmaame

Levels – Tilmaame


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The indicator uses the construction method described by Vladislav Antonov (you can see his session reviews at Viak or Alpari). I failed to find such an indicator in the internet, so I decided to create it by myself. Below is a short extract from his description:

I shouldn’t explain you what support and resistance are. There are many methods to detect price levels. Si kastaba ha ahaatee, I apply my own calculations. The dynamic support/resistance lines are determined by MA lines, whereas the static ones are calculated on the basis of a larger timeframe.

1. To calculate intraday levels for one hour, you should take High, Low and Close values from the preceding one-hour candlestick.
2. To calculate intraday levels for one day, you should take High, Low and Close values from the preceding one-day candlestick.
3. To calculate intraday levels for one week, you should take High, Low and Close values from the preceding one-week candlestick.

In my review, I calculate the price levels of support/resistance on the basis of the one-day candlestick of the preceding day. Sayidka, the price levels will be valid all day long, but we should recalculate them the next day. Tusaale ahaan, if we take a one-day candlestick 02.11.06: High = 1.2786 Low = 1.2736 Close = 1.2780 and obtain the levels for the current day and use them on all charts for the timeframes smaller than one-day timeframe. On the next day, we will have to calculate the new levels.

There are 3 calculation methods according to the size of the preceding candlestick:

Reduced – support/resistance levels for a weak market. If the market was closed with a large candlestick of more than 200 points, it is better to use this method, since a correction is expected, so the market will be flat.
Normal – support/resistance levels for a market with average volatility. Daily candlesticks range from 100 si ay u 200 points. Normal method is good in use when a stable growth or sinking is being observed, candlesticks being approximately of the same size.
Extended (Расширенный) – support/resistance levels for a volatile market. Црут the market shrinks into a triangle and becomes flat, we expect a strong movement to start soon and use the levels with an expanded price range. What method should be applied here, this depends on your own research and level statistics collected. As to me, I don’t keep up with the items described above (this is averagely for the pound). So far, I choose methods guided by my intuition and by the expected price pattern.

For those who want to read about this in more details, see: http://www.viac.ru/ds/21950

MT4 Muujiyeyaasha – Tilmaamaha Download

Levels – tilmaame waa Metatrader a 4 (MT4) tilmaame iyo nuxurka Tilmaame Forex ee waa in aan baddalno xogta taariikhda ururay.

Levels – tilmaame siinayaa fursad ay ku ogaan dhegyadii kala duwan iyo astaamaha isbedbeddelka sicirka kuwaas oo aan la arki karin in ay isha qaawan.

Iyadoo ku saleysan macluumaadkan, ganacsatada u qaadan karin dhaqdhaqaaqa qiimaha dheeraad ah iyo hagaajinta istaraatijiyad waafaqsan.

How to install Levels – indicator.mq4?

  • Download Levels – indicator.mq4
  • Copy Levels – indicator.mq4 aad Metatrader Directory / khubaro / tilmaamayaasha /
  • Bilow ama la bilaabi aad Client Metatrader
  • Dooro Chart iyo Qaabdhismeedka waqtiga meesha aad rabto in aad tijaabiso si aad tilmaame
  • Search “Custom Muujiyeyaasha” in aad Navigator inta badan ka tagay ee Client Metatrader
  • Right click on Levels – indicator.mq4
  • Ku soo lifaaq shaxda ah
  • Taariikhda dib u habeynta goobaha ama ok-saxaafadeed
  • Indicator Levels – indicator.mq4 waxaa laga heli karaa aad Chart

How to remove Levels – indicator.mq4 ka Metatrader 4 Chart?

  • Dooro shaxda meesha yahay tilmaamuhu ka jira Client Metatrader
  • Xaqa riix galay shaxda
  • “Liiska Muujiyeyaasha”
  • Dooro Tuse iyo tirtirto

MT4 Muujiyeyaasha hoos ku Download:

Levels – Tilmaame

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