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Day: March 23, 2015

Fine Fractal Channel

A quick gluejob of two simple but useful indicators. Requires FineFractals by Denis Orlov. Useful for fractal breakouts and to visualize almost all Support/Resistance lines.

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The indicator is based on the simple CCI. When its value crosses 100 from above, it sends a signal to sell. When its value crosses

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Jays Candle Display

Jays candle display is a multi candle displaying indicator. It displays the swing and body of candles on different timeframes from one minute up to

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This indicator will create a Fibonacci Retracement Object on your chart, and auto-update its values. You can indicate if you prefer to use the classic

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This indicator is the simplified version of Monitoring-Spread tool. It allows to use the reversed symbols (1 / X) in a realtime.   MT4 Indicators

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