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Day: April 9, 2015


The indicator shows the probabilistic reverses. As its developers affirm if the 0.5 level is reached the price strains after the opposite direction.   MT4

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The indicator shows the break through line. Input parameters: extern int MA.Period=35; extern int MA.method=MODE_SMA; extern int MA.applied_price=PRICE_CLOSE;   MT4 Indicators – Download Instructions [post-title]

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Madeleine v2.0

Another version of the Madeleine indicator. Input Parameters: string str=”Madeleine_v2.0″; extern string _Bars=”Number of bars to be drawn”; extern int cfg_Bars=18; //number of bars to

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Indicator of Bollinger bands. Input Parameters: extern int  Samples=60; extern int  LookAhead=0; extern double StdLevel1=2; extern double  StdLevel2 =4.;   MT4 Indicators – Download Instructions [post-title] is a

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The indicator is written by the fourth dimension of B. Williams – Trading Zone: If the current bars of AC and AO are green, it

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iTREND alexcud

As far as the author’s indicator didn’t draw the arrows on the history and there was no possibility to estimate its trade signals this indicator

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Math System-Trader

An advanced system, it provides recommendations during trading.   MT4 Indicators – Download Instructions [post-title] is a Metatrader 4 (MT4) indicator and the essence of

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Search patterns

The indicator searches for the patterns, displays the end of the D and C points on the screen.   MT4 Indicators – Download Instructions [post-title]

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VKW Bands modify

VKW Bands modify uses the METRO indicator that should be placed in the ..\ experts \ indicators ….. folder. The indicator shows where to place

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