Month: September 2019

T3.Lnx – indicator

Indicator T3.Lnx. It uses signals Heiken Ashi. For the indicator to work, you should place files T3Series.mqh and PriceSeries.mqh into directory MetaTrader\experts\include. Heiken Ashi#.mq4 should be

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MoR – indicator

The indicator MoR. RSI_Timeframe=0; //0=current chart,1=m1,5=m5,15=m15,30=m30,60=h1,240=h4,etc…RSI_Period=10;RSI_Applied_Price=0; //0=close, 1=open, 2=high, 3=low, 4=(high+low)/2, 5=(high+low+close)/3, 6=(high+low+close+close)/4MA1_Period=10;MA1_Method=1; // 0=SMA, 1=EMA, 2=SMMA, 3=LWMAMA2_Period=30;MA2_Method=1; // 0=SMA, 1=EMA, 2=SMMA, 3=LWMA MT4 Indicators

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Spectr – indicator

MT4 Indicators – Download Instructions [post-title] is a Metatrader 4 (MT4) indicator and the essence of the forex indicator is to transform the accumulated history

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Kaufman Volatility – indicator

Description: Kaufman Volatility according to Perry Kaufman books “Smarter Trading”. Image: See also: “Kaufman Efficiency Ratio” MT4 Indicators – Download Instructions [post-title] is a Metatrader

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STALIN – indicator

The Buy/Sell signals of the indicator are based on crossover of two Moving Averages (MA) with different periods. The indicator has the following features: 1.

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