Author: James Smith


Works on all time frames, uses zig-zag and fibo levels to plot trend directions. A ZigZag alike the one used in Ensign with little differences

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HP Extrapolator

A non-delayed filter suitable for all timeframes, great for showing breakouts. The distinctive feature of the Hodrick-Prescott filter is that it does not delay. It

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Risk/Reward Ratio

Simple but valuable, this indicator puts the risk reward ration of any trade setup right on your chart to improve decision making, First Version: Red

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Value Chart

It puts the value of the market onto your chart in any time frame. The Value Chart could be described as a DeTrended Oscillator in

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An indicator that works on all time frames, showing high/low prices to show breakouts. The gist of the NRTR is it is always at a

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Uses the power of the Fibonacci sequence, in this case the Fibonacci spiral, to indicate trading opportunities. The Fibonacci spiral is one of the greatest

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tick-tack-toe indicator

Usable across timeframes, the traditional tick tack toe trading approach in visual form on your charts. The tick-tack-toe method has been used by American traders

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