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Category: MT5 Indicators

Candle Timer Indicator for MT5

Candle Timer Indicator for MT5

Looking for an effective trading strategy for MT5? Look no further than the Candle Timer Indicator! Learn how to use this powerful tool for entry and exit strategies with our comprehensive guide.

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MTF MACD Indicator

MTF MACD Indicator for MT5

Learn how to use the MACD High Low MTF MT5 Indicator, its benefits, and answers to frequently asked questions. Increase your trading success with this versatile MTF MT5 indicator.

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Double Top Mt5 Indicator

Double Top MT5 Indicator

Looking for a reliable and accurate tool to detect double top chart patterns in your trading? Check out our Double Top MT4 Indicator, designed to help you identify potential trend reversals and make informed trading decisions. Download now and take your trading to the next level.

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QQE Signals Free Indicator

Best QQE Signals MT5 Indicator

The QQE indicator, or Quantitative Qualitative Estimation, is a technical indicator that is used to identify market trends. The QQE indicator uses two moving averages: a slow moving average (SMA) and a fast moving average (FMA). The SMA is used to smooth out the data and the FMA is used to identify the trend. When the SMA crosses above the FMA, it is a bullish signal and when the SMA crosses below the FMA, it is a bearish signal.

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